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Biarritz Pays Basque Surf Destination

Famous worldwide for the quality of its waves and the spectacular display that its coastline offers, from the fine sandy beaches of Anglet to the small sheltered coves of the south, the Basque Coast is a real paradise for surfers. It is a territory where the spirit of travel meets a traditional way of life, where gastronomy and the party spirit merge at the edge of the spots, an invitation to live free and happy ... provided you know the best locations!

Surf spots

Basque Country surf spot

From Anglet'sbarrels to long manoeuvres on the reefs of Bidart or Guéthary, via more extreme spots like Avalanche or Belharra, there is something for every style.


Surf with the pros

Surf schools in Biarritz Basque Country

Learn to surf or improve with surf schools in the Basque Coast. Find lessons and courses offered on Basque spots. Choose the surfing package that suits you.



Biarritz Pays Basque Surf Destination

The history of Basque Coast surfing

It was in 1956 that the first surfers glided on the waves of the Basque Coast. Biarritz became the birthplace of surfing in Europe.