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Restaurants – the best surfing places

    The quality of the waves, the coefficient of the tides and the direction of the wind are a surfer’s major concerns. That which defines the pace of their day. But enjoyment should be added to the purely surfer lifestyle. And especially on the Basque Coast, where tradition and modernity, local dishes and international flavours, a haven of peace and a festive spirit blend.

   From fishing ports to beach bars, from holes in the wall to Michelin-starred restaurants, you have tapas, ham, prime rib, squid or fruit platters, served with mojitos, regional wines and even homemade after-dinner liqueurs all at your fingertips. An explosion of the senses where champagne and glitter rub shoulders with the bohemian life.

La Paillotte Bleue

à Anglet

A chaque plage son cabanon ! Véritable spécificité d’Anglet, ces restaurants de plage éphémères sont ouverts des vacances de Pâques à la Toussaint, et propose une offre de restauration variée tout au long de la journée. La Paillotte Bleue est particulièrement reconnue pour ses délicieux Bowls et son ambiance, le tout dans un écrin de verdure aux abords de la Plage des Cavaliers.


in Behobie

[Translate to Anglais:] restaurant bon plan local Arroenia Hendaye

This old Basque farmhouse has been renovated from top to bottom to welcome you in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, just next to a pediment. It serves of course a very tasty traditional Basque cuisine.
This is a favorite of Julien & Battit Lehena from the surf school in Hendaye.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 20 16 29

Le Bar Bu

in Biarritz

[Translate to Anglais:] Restaurant le Bar Bu à Biarritz

A very nice atmosphere and setting, a set lunch with a very good quality-price ratio, tapas in the evening, locals love it and it’s Amandine’s favourite, from the Shining Surf School in Biarritz.

 Tel: +33(0)5 59 22 24 79

Beach Garden

in Biarritz

[Translate to Anglais:] Healthy snack Beach garden à Biarritz

Specialized in vegetarian and gluten-free cooking, always fresh, always good. Every day, we prepare bagels, vegan bowls, salads, home made pastries for you lunches, picnics and snacks. 100% homemade. Not to mention squeezed juices and smoothies.

Tel: +33(0)9 72 84 73 48

Bistro du Mata

in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

[Translate to Anglais:] Terrasse Bistro du Mata Erromardie surf Saint Jean de Luz

Ideally located opposite the sea on the Erromardie spot, discover this subtly charming place in the shade of tamarisks, and enjoy simple dishes, fresh and homemade, along with tapas and delicious cocktails in the setting sun.

Tel: +33(0)9 70 96 36 53

Le Bleu Blanc Jaune

in Bidart

[Translate to Anglais:] Terrasse du snack le Blanc Bleu Jaune plage Uhabia à Bidart

Also called the BBJ by the regulars, it is the spot of the summer, and is open only from June to September. This snack bar has a feet-in-the-beach-sand atmosphere, on the spot, where we serve seafood.
This is Fred's favourite from the H2O surf school.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 54 77 17

California Kitchen

in Biarritz

[Translate to Anglais:] California Kitchen à Biarritz

This bar and restaurant has a chilled Californian atmosphere, where we serve delicious homemade tacos, burgers, nuggets and cheesecakes using local products. Go with family or friends!
This is Jeff's favourite, from the Biarritz Surf Ocean school.

Tel: +33(0)6 50 80 03 89

La Cantine Diablo

in Anglet

[Translate to Anglais:] Restaurant La Cantine Diablo à Anglet

The staples of this canteen are the "exotic plates" of raw fish mixing sushi, ceviche, tempeh, Tahitian fish, tuna or marinated salmon.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 03 87 08

Chez Muñu

in Hendaye

[Translate to Anglais:] restaurant bon plan local Chez Munu Hendaye

Traditional Hendaye restaurant where you will find paella and homemade burgers, eat in or to take away.
This is Yon’s favourite, from the Surf Division school in Hendaye.

 Tel: +33(0)5 59 20 77 96

Le Cosmopolitain

in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

[Translate to Anglais:] restaurant bon plan local le Cosmopolitain Saint Jean de Luz

Open for lunch and dinner, the Cosmopolitan serves pastas, pizzas, main courses and salads.
This is Franck’s favourite from the Newschool surf school in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 24 34 10

Le Lagunak

à Anglet

A chaque plage son cabanon ! Véritable spécificité d’Anglet, ces restaurants de plage éphémères sont ouverts des vacances de Pâques à la Toussaint, et propose une offre de restauration variée tout au long de la journée les pieds dans l'eau. Le lagunak est particulièrement reconnu pour ses délicieuses assiettes à l’heure de l’Apéro-Sunset ! 

Milady Beach

in Biarritz

[Translate to Anglais:] Restaurant Milady Beach à Biarritz

This beach restaurant is in a strategic position, perfectly placed if you don’t want to leave the spot of the day.
This is Laurent’s favourite, from the Biarritz Surf Club Association in Biarritz.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 22 59 41

Le Shelter

in Anglet

[Translate to Anglais:] Café salon de thé Le Shelter à Anglet

Le Shelter is a café-teahouse inspired by Australian coffee shops.
Everything is homemade.

Tel: +33(0)7 83 44 35 25

Le Sunset

in Anglet

[Translate to Anglais:] Snack le Sunset à Anglet

A beach restaurant, serving tapas in the evening from 7pm, a sandwich shop,
ice cream parlor.
This is Paschal's favourite from the Anglet Surf Spirit surf school in Anglet.

Tel: +33(0)9 50 19 14 33

Le Surfing

in Biarritz

[Translate to Anglais:] Restaurant bar le Surfing à Biarritz Cote des basques

This restaurant has been upgraded and remains the most symbolic spot in local surf culture. Plus, you get to eat in front of the legendary Côte des Basques spot.
Don’t miss out: the Mister Surfing burger and the Cheese Cake!
This is Christophe's favourite from the Jo Moraiz surf school in Biarritz.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 24 78 72

Ti Cabanon

in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

[Translate to Anglais:] Restaurant Ti Cabanon spot surf Mayarco Saint Jean de Luz

The Ti Cabanon is open from breakfast to dinner, for a bite to eat or just a drink in front of the Mayarco spot. A relaxed and cosy atmosphere with concerts on weekends.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 23 30 95

Au Fournil de la Licorne

in Bidart

[Translate to Anglais:] Boulangerie surf le fournil de la Licorne Bidart

Above the Erretegia beach, the Fournil de la Licorne is definitely the only bakery in the Basque Country where you can drink a coffee while enjoying a croissant, buy your wax and check the surf conditions on the Windguru screen before heading to the water!

Tel: +33(0)5 59 47 79 91


in Hendaye

[Translate to Anglais:] restaurant bon plan local Battela Hendaye

Élorri and Sébastien make and serve inventive and gourmet food, made from seasonal produce. The dishes are true works of art.
This is Yon’s favourite, from the Surf Division school in Hendaye.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 20 15 70

Beach House

in Anglet

[Translate to Anglais:] Terrasse et bar du restaurant LA Beach House à Anglet

This is the place that best represents the modern surfing lifestyle, refined but always cool. A pool, deckchairs, cocktails and Nasi Goreng, to remind you of your last trip to Bali, without forgetting the hearty and delicious Sunday brunch!

Tel: +33(0)5 59 15 27 17

Bistrot Kanttu Ostatua

in Hendaye

[Translate to Anglais:] restaurant bon plan local Bistrot Kanttu Ostatuan Hendaye

Local bistro where people go for tapas, cuisine, wine, hospitality with a vintage and family decor.
This is Manex’s favourite, from the Hendaia surf school in Hendaye.

Tel: +33(0)9 82 54 53 90

La Cantine

in Biarritz

[Translate to Anglais:] Bistro healthy La Cantine à Biarritz

Healthy Bistro where we serve soups, sandwiches, gluten-free or vegetarian bowls, dishes that make you travel! A warm place that Julie has made unique. A treat for the taste buds.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 85 87 35

La Case de l'Océan

in Anglet

[Translate to Anglais:] Snack restaurant La case de l'Océan à Anglet

At La Case, a small "straw hut" on the ocean beach, you will quickly feel right at home: the kitchen is tinted with exotic colours, reflecting the manager’s Reunion origins.
This is Thierry's favourite, from the Ocean surf school in Anglet.




in Anglet

[Translate to Anglais:] Restaurant Snack Coconuts à Anglet

A restaurant and snack bar perfectly located in front of the sea on the lawn. Make the most of the colourful loungers for a break between 2 sessions.
This is Mathieu's favourite, from the Gliss'Experience surf school in Anglet.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 03 87 08

Le Lagunak

in Anglet

A hut, a snack bar, feet dangling in the water.



Le Macadam Caffé

in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

[Translate to Anglais:] restaurant bon plan local Macadam Caffé Saint Jean de Luz

A cosy and warm place with a comfortable and retro decor. Burgers are all as original as they are unmissable. Salads, stir frys and vegetarian dishes are all just as successful.
This is Franck’s favourite from the Newschool surf school in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 24 51 62

Le Miam

in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

[Translate to Anglais:] Snack Le Miam Mayarco Saint Jean de Luz

Located on the Mayarco spot, Le Miam is not just any beach snack bar.
The dishes are cooked from local products with the burgers with their homemade fries and pancakes deserving a shout-out (the managers were trained by a Breton crepe maker!).

 Tel: +33(0)9 84 27 58 53

Le Peak

in Bidart

[Translate to Anglais:] Burger bar concert terrasse Le Peak à Bidart

A Burger-Bar opposite the Uhabia spot... With an industrial decoration and driftwood style, it is ideal for recovering after a session! Every weekend during the season, Arnaud and his team organize live acoustic evenings with local musicians.

 Tel: +33(0)5 59 43 88 34


in Hendaye

[Translate to Anglais:] Restaurant traiteur Poteak à Hendaye

POTEAK® arose from the reasoned choice of Alexandre Seynaeve for a gourmet and balanced cuisine. In addition to offering fresh local products, original recipes, served in jars to eat on the spot or take away, it's a unique place facing the bay of Txingudi in Hendaye.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 93 13 28

Brasserie Sol Sol

in Hendaye

[Translate to Anglais:] restaurant bon plan local Brasserie Sol Sol Hendaye

It serves mussels and fries, with larger plates if you’re ravenous, brewery-style dishes, and an excellent homemade paella!
This is Franck’s favourite from the Newschool surf school in Hendaye.



Surf Burger

in Anglet

[Translate to Anglais:] Surf Burger à Anglet

A burger bar opposite the beach with homemade burgers. The perfect spot after a session.

Tel: +33(0)5 59 03 33 78

Bars – the best places to party

From the morning coffee to "check out" the spots, to the post-session cocktail at sunset, we have chosen to present some locations that ooze surfer culture and keep your eyes looking to the ocean ... as the surfer lifestyle entails.

La Chope

in Anglet

[Translate to Anglais:] Pub brasserie La Chope à Anglet

An institution in the Chambre d'Amour.
A must-see spot for surfers and other beach and post-beach lovers!
Relaxed atmosphere. Beautiful sea view terrace
This is Guillaume's favourite from the Club de la glisse surf school in Anglet.

 Tel: +33(0)5 59 03 82 53

La Guinguette

in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

[Translate to Anglais:] La Guinguette Erromardie surf Saint Jean de Luz

Facing the ocean on the Erromardie spot, the deckchairs, vintage furniture, lanterns, feet in the sand at the bar, and large terrace, set the scene for this exceptional place.
It is a dream spot, where you will find many surfers, locals and passing enthusiasts.

Tel: +33(0)5 53 43 97 66


in Anglet

[Translate to Anglais:] Bar Kostaldea à Anglet

Overlooking the Chambre d'Amour, the Kostaldea is a place of warmth and sharing where we like to meet to enjoy the open terrace which offers a magnificent view of the ocean and of Cap St. Martin.

 Tel: +33(0)5 59 42 66 97


in Biarritz

[Translate to Anglais:] Bar snack tapas Olatua à Biarritz

The perfect place to watch the ocean from the Côte des Basques to Hendaye. This place was already known as the "Hundred Steps". Local atmosphere in the morning and casual chic for an aperitif later on.

 Tel: +33(0)5 59 22 58 22

Chez PP - Panier Pintxos

in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

[Translate to Anglais:] Panier apéro pintxos Saint Jean de Luz Mayarco

Want a drink, right now, on the spot? At PP we deliver pintxos baskets with products from small local producers or home-made.
In addition to the delivery service, you can also find the pintxos hut
on the Mayarco spot.

 Tel: +33(0)5 40 39 48 48

Etxola Bibi

in Biarritz

A real open-air bar overlooking the beautiful beach of La Côte des Basques. With family or friends, from breakfast and healthy lunch to the essential sunset aperitif playing petanque. Open 7/7 for the whole season.

 Tel: +33(0)6 09 63 15 98


in Guéthary

[Translate to Anglais:] Restaurant l'Hétéroclito Guéthary

An iconic place of surfer culture and ocean bar, this original restaurant is decorated in a totally heterogeneous way and yet it feels like home.
You can enjoy seafood, as a full dish or a small portion with a drink.

 Tel: +33(0)5 59 54 98 92

Le Pavillon du Phare

in Biarritz

Real open bar with a large terrace at the bottom of the Lighthouse. This is one of the most beautiful view of Biarritz that welcomes you from April to November, 6 days a week (depending on the weather! ..., except July 7J / 7), from 9am to the sunset. For the experience to be complete, "Pop Up" are regularly organized, such as artistic performances, Yoga workshops ...