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Surf Trip in the Basque Country

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Thanks to a well-indented coast, with long sandy beaches and rocky points plunging into the vastness of the Atlantic, the 30 km Basque Coast coastline offers a wide variety of waves.

With a series of spots that are ideal for surfing, it has become world famous. Be it Anglet barrels with long manoeuvres on the reefs of Bidart or Guéthary, or more extreme spots like Avalanche or Belharra, there is something for all styles and all levels. Depending on the size of the waves, in the summer just like in winter, there is always a spot worth going to ... you just need to find it.

And to do that, what better than to cross the Basque coast in a van? Ready for your surf trip in the Basque Country...


Rental of converted vans

Black Sheep - Rental of converted vans in the Basque Country

From the 4x4 station wagon with a roof tent to the converted California Beach van for 5 people, Black Sheep has the vehicle for your surf trip, for all tastes and all budgets. Depending on the vehicle, they come equipped with a fridge, gas cooker or camping stove, electrical socket, table and outdoor chairs...


Tel: +33 (0)7 69 53 45 98

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Rental of converted vans

Campy Camper - Rental of converted vans for surf trip in the Basque Country

Whether you’re a couple, a family or a group of friends, Campy Camper has the van you need for your surf trip on the Basque Coast. Perfectly converted and optimised, you will enjoy a good level of comfort: quilts and pillows, camping stove or small gas cooker, fridge or cooler, sink, electrical socket, outdoor shower...

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VW Kombi rental

Ici, la bas et partout - Vintage Van rental

Whether you are an individual or a business, all vehicles are classics, and are available to rent exactly as they were when they left the factory in the 70s.
Come and explore or rediscover the Basque Coast with a surf trip, in a vintage atmosphere.

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Let's dream...

They tell us about their road trips and surf trips along the Basque Country

Rob Machado and his daughter’s road trip on the Basque Coast

Rob Machado and his daughter’s road trip on the Basque Coast

For Rob Machado "the Van life, is the best life". So he decided to come and do a van surf trip with his daughter on the Basque Coast in autumn ... the best time for surfing, as the experts know!

The story of their trip.

Basque Country Road Trip in VW Kombi

Video shot between the Spanish Basque Country and the French Basque Country.
This short film shows a road trip between friends with 3 VW Kombis. A busy day, from breakfast in the clouds to the surf session in Guéthary and finishing up in San Sebastien to enjoy tapas.