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Biarritz surf spots

[Translate to Anglais:] Spots de surf de Biarritz

The historic capital of European surfing

The spots of Biarritz offer something to please all types of surfers thanks to a wide variety of waves: short and powerful on the northern beaches, filtered in the Côte des Basques and longer in the south. The surfer culture is also present in the streets, shops, restaurants and the tempo of the city seems punctuated by the tides.

Le Miramar

An intimate spot at the foot of the Hotel du Palais. The waves break on a half-rocky, half-sandy bottom, offering variable surf conditions for middle to advanced level surfers.
Level: Medium to Advanced
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The +: few people in the water, an exceptional environment

La Côte des basques

An iconic spot in the city of Biarritz in an exceptional setting with the Villa Belza. The beach offers the opportunity to surf different waves from the far right of the (protected) beach, to the far left for the most experienced surfers.
Level: All
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The +: A unique view from the line-up that never gets old

La Milady

South of Marbella, temperamental and unpredictable on the left, strong current.
Level: All
Tide: Mid-tide
The +: Good quality restaurant on site: the Milady Beach.

La Grande Plage

The arena of major competitions located in the city centre. Powerful, fast waves with the left of the "channing" at low tide and the bowl of the "North". A busy spot because of its reputation and its geographical position.
Level: All
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The +: A "magical" view of Biarritz architecture at the line-up.


A spot south of the city following the extension of the Côte des Basques. Spot exposed to the swell that works by little swell. The low tide left and the high tide on the right characterise this spot. There is a strong current and "locals" to respect.
Level: Experienced
Tide: Mid-tide
The +: Nice snack bar on the spot, and a pleasant Thalasso spa for the post-surf.