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Bidart surf spots

[Translate to Anglais:] Les spots de surf de Bidart

Typical coastal village

Bidart has kept its authenticity intact, like the market square and its pediment, the surfer culture is ubiquitous on the beaches. The spots are famous for their consistency, their power and the locals have always been included among the best surfers of the Coast.

To get started safely, it is recommended to get in touch with the surf schools in Bidart.


It is the northernmost spot of Bidart, at the border with Biarritz. It takes the swell well and can quickly saturate in case of strong swell. A large car park is located at the top of the north access to the beach. It is accessed by passing in front of the Cité de l'Océan. The wild beach provides a sense of tranquillity away from the summer crowds.
Level: All
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The +: Complicated but tamed waves, making it possible to learn everything there is to know about surfing: the glide, seamanship, the technique!


This spot’s setting is very pleasant in the middle of the plants, on this small intimate beach which plunges between 2 hills. The waves are relatively accessible and not very powerful. Be careful, however, of the rocky bottom in some places.
Level: All
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The +: A beautiful beach in the heart of Erretegia Natural Cirque, a hidden and peaceful place between greenery and beautiful waves, an ideal spot to learn surfing.


On the beach of the same name, the spot offers several options: decent shoals can take hold, forming rights and lefts. There is also a peak north of the beach.
Level: All
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The + : Bidart's largest beach with its fine sand and disabled access.

Pavillon Royal

Large beach at the foot of 2 campsites, so it can get quite busy in summer. The waves are quite powerful and there are some rocks. Not ideal for beginners.
Level: Experienced
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The +: Last large and authentic beach of the Basque Country, a real nugget!

Bidart centre

You can find the Centre Beach, for family and sports, just below the Village of Bidart, accessible on foot from the Centre. A real wave “magnet”, it enjoys an exceptional natural setting, vast banks of sand and rocks, wild cliffs and native plants.
Level : All
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The + : Splendid view over the Bay of Biscaye and waves for all levels


A reference spot in France when it comes to "big wave surfing" which straddles Bidart and Guéthary, Parlementia's massive wave is a dream playground for thrill-seekers. Reserved for very good surfers on strong days, boards like the "Gun" should be used for any hope of catching a wave. The spot is more accessible by small swell.
Level: Good to experienced
Tide: Mid-tide
The +: Works by big swell