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Guéthary surf spots

[Translate to Anglais:] Les spots de surf de Guethary Cote basque

Both authentic and trendy

The quality of the waves that unfold along this preserved coastline is world famous. And the charm of this small village, a former whaling port, adds a sweetness of life to this exceptional marine site. An authentic dive into the heart of the surfer culture of the Basque Country.

To get started safely, it is recommended to get in touch with the surf schools in Guéthary.


A reference spot in France when it comes to "big wave surfing" which straddles Bidart and Guéthary, Parlementia's massive wave is a dream playground for thrill-seekers. Reserved for very good surfers on strong days, boards like the "Gun" should be used for any hope of catching a wave. The spot is more accessible by small swell.
Level: Good to experienced
Tide: Mid-tide
The +: Works by big swell


There are two main waves in this small preserved bay. A long left unrolls on the southern point and works by consistent swell. The right appears mainly when the tide is high and the coefficients are significant. Beautiful surprises await enthusiasts.
Level: Intermediate to good
Tide: High tide
The +: Length of the wave

Les Alcyons

This reefbreak is a powerful left that can tube. Be careful of the rocks. It is better if you know how to surf, or to be accompanied by a local.
Level: Good to experienced
Tide: Mid-tide to high tide
The +: Left hollow