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Hendaye surf spots

[Translate to Anglais:] Les spots de surf de Hendaye Côte basque

The green surf trail

The border town is 3 km long and has the largest sandy bay on the Basque Coast. A huge playground in which multi-peak waves unfurl, quite soft and filtered. To the north, the Two Twins stand out in the background like two timeless guardians of the temple, while the car park is teeming with activity depending on the tides.

To get started safely, it is recommended to get in touch with the surf schools in Hendaye.


The most protected spot of Hendaye beach. The waves are smaller but longer.
Level: All
Tide: All
The +: Parking in the immediate vicinity of the spot

Le Casino

This is the most consistent spot on the beach. These waves are particularly suitable for beginner surfers or those looking for spots sheltered during heavy winter swells.
Level: All
Tide: All
The +: Excellent spot for learning and improving