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Saint Jean de Luz surf spots

[Translate to Anglais:] Les spots de surf de Saint Jean de Luz Côte basque

Small creeks and point breaks

Protected from the swell thanks to its huge dike, the bay of Saint-Jean is a family beach par excellence. It is in the district of Acotz, north of the city, that you will find its two most famous beaches for surfing: Lafiténia and Erromardie.

As for the city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, it is a delight for strolling between the narrow streets of the centre, historical monuments and traditional craftsmen.

To get started safely, it is recommended to get in touch with the surf schools in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.


The spot is on a small beach nestled between Lafiténia and Cenitz. It is a reefbreak that breaks on a rocky slab with sand. The atmosphere is pleasant and intimate but the spot is recommended for intermediate and experienced surfers.
Level: Experienced
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The +:


This spot is one of the most accessible for surfers who are starting on the rock waves. A long, relatively soft left awaits longboarders and soft wave enthusiasts. But beware, this wave in big swells can turn into a real water train, with exceptional ride lengths.
Level: All
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The +: Length of the wave

La Bougie

Located in the bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, in Socoa, the La Bougie (the candle) spot owes its name to the beacon which is on the spot. Enjoyed by SUP (stand-up paddle boarders) and longboarders, the wave forms only in case of heavy swell and low tide.
Level: Intermediate to experienced
Tide: Low tide
The +: The beautiful view of the Rhune from the line up


Hidden in a beautiful little cove that serves as a backdrop, the right of this point break is one of the most famous in France. Long and technical, the wave is very much enjoyed by good surfers to do a series of manoeuvres until the inside. This spot is recommended during the consistent swells of winter. Beware of the low tide and the famous step that appears at take-off.
Level: Intermediate to experienced
Tide: All
The +: Manoeuvrable wave


A few options for this spot: a technical take-off for the right of the dyke that works only by consistent swell, a right/left peak in the centre and the pass wave for longboarders.
Level: Experienced
Tide: Low to mid-tide
The +: The breath-taking view of the Jaizkibel, the Three Crowns and the Rhune

Belharra (Urrugne)

This mountain of a wave that takes shape 3 km off the Basque Corniche is one of the top 5 largest waves in the world. It only appears in exceptional conditions and attracts surfers from around the world.
Level: Pro
Tide: High tide
The +: Beautiful show from the Corniche with binoculars