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Surfing lessons and courses on the Basque coast

Surfing lessons & pack on the basque coast

Surf schools in the Basque Coast offer a wide range of lessons and courses adapted to your age, your level and your enthusiasm.

The various courses and classes are available for 3 levels of experience:

Surfing levels


Each of the surf schools on the coast has its own personality, its own atmosphere, and offers standard packages.

Discover new experiences with some schools that offer a combination of surfing and other activities.

Prices include teaching by a state-certified instructor, the loan of equipment adapted to your level (board and wetsuit) and liability insurance.


From 1 to 4 people*

100 €** per hour for 1 person
60 €** per hour/person for 4 people


Maximum 8 students per instructor
5 x 1h30 lesson

150 €**/person

*These elements may differ depending on the school
** Average prices


Maximum 8 students per instructor
1h30 lesson

35 €**/person


Maximum 6 students per instructor (6 - 8 yo*)
1h lesson

30 €**/kid
5 days course (5 x 1h) : 130 €/kid


Nowadays, going to a surf school is probably the best option if you want to quickly and safely improve and to grasp the first techniques of surfing without worry.

Find the list of Basque Coast surf schools on the spots of Anglet, Biarritz, Bidart, Guéthary, Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Hendaye.

The + of a school

  • Guaranteed security
  • Adapted material (foam board, stable shape and adapted to each size, wetsuit rental ...)
  • Quality coaching with qualified trainers
  • Group competition and observation of other students (1 teacher for 8 students)
  • Be on the right spot at the right time (conditions change every day or every hour)
  • Quick learning (just a couple of lessons are enough to glide)
  • We will most likely give you a photo of your first wave

Did you know that?

Surfing stars
Recently we have introduced skill levels that can earn you a medal, like ski stars.

1st Foam level
You surf your first foams with a softboard. You can touch the bottom, so as to be completely comfortable, to take a maximum of waves and to quickly learn a solid foundation for surfing.

Bronze Wave Level
The instructor will always be at your side in the water and will have you test more technical boards and will take you further out towards the line-up.

Silver and Gold Wave Level
You gain autonomy, learn to combine increasingly tough manoeuvres in increasingly technical waves (rollers, cut back, floaters ...).